Newsletter Marketing

A Newsletter is a great way to resell to your previous customers my constantly making them aware of new products and special offers they may be interested in. Another option is to buy a mailing list and use a marketing email to pitch to potential customers. Either way you look at it a newsletter is a must have for any serious website owner.

We can design bespoke email and newsletter templates that you can import into your existing email system and we will happily modify them on a monthly or even weekly basis to your requirements for that specific campaign.

Our fee for a complete email template from scratch is £50 and for weekly or monthly newsletters we charge just £25 per email campaign.

Below is an example of an email newsletter we designed, the example below displays on a blue background when opened in an email client. The blue background colour matches the blue used in the design work;


If you would like to purchase this service or for more information please contact us.