Three weeks ago I finally decided to take the plunge and try Twitter, yes that’s correct I had never used or even been on the Twitter website until 3 weeks ago.
I had read about how Twitter was the best social networking site for finding new clients and my first thought to this was Facebook has a much wider audience surely this is better but I would have to give Twitter a try. I soon learnt from using Twitter that people with similar interests who are looking for similar things can and often will connect with each other, this is not possible on Facebook as you can only communicate to people who like your page or friends.

Now my experience of using Twitter has been mixed, during the first week I stalked celebrities (which is basically what the general public use Twitter for) and I did very little Tweeting that week.

Week 2 I started Tweeting a lot more and my followers started to increase but then they would fall away the next day. I soon learnt that people expect you to follow them back or they will unfollow you, personally I want to follow people who interest me and I would like the people who follow me to be interested in my posts. The problem I had during my second week was my Tweets were all about my personal preferences such as TV and the sport and very little was about website design or graphic design which is my area of expertise. I also learnt a valuable lesson from this that by Tweeting your opinion on sport for example can lose you followers as I did when I Tweeted a sarcastic comment about the golf one Friday night and lost 25% of my followers.

Week 3 is the current week and as I am writing this blog I am thinking more cautiously about what I will be Tweeting in the future. My future Tweets will be aimed more at the industry I work in and will hopefully bring me some followers that are relevant to me. I will of course follow back people who are similar to me and in the same line of work.

In summary the title is Excellent Marketing Tool or Distraction? therefore in week 1 I was hugely distracted by celeb Tweets and trying to get Re-Tweeted by celebs that I didn’t get on with much work that week. It is important to understand what you are aiming to achieve from using Twitter and stick to this. As for an excellent marketing tool I know it can be but as yet I haven’t made it work. We will see what has happened by next month and I will keep you updated. @seewebsolutions